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31D Lone Palm Court, Constantia Main Road, Plumstead, Cape Town , Cape Town


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South Africa

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The most dedicated and innovative specialists in the harmless removal of bird infestation and contamination in...View more

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About us

Bird Deterrent Specialists is your defence against Pest Bird Infestation that leads to: • Defacing of Buildings, Floors, Ledges and Pipework • Health Hazardous Contamination from Viruses, Bacteria and Lice, that may result in a variety of problems including Bronchial Complications • Damage to Stock, Plant and Equipment We offer HARMLESS solutions for the deterring of Pest Birds from any structure/building type, including: • Industrial • Commercial • Residential It’s not the Birds in your building, it’s their droppings! • Harmless Bird Deterrents • 16 Years’ Experience • Guaranteed Results Threats • Red Winged Starling (Onychognathus Morio) • Pigeons (Feral Pigeon - Columba Livia) • House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus) • Hartlaub's Gull (Larus Hartlaubii) • Egyptian Goose (Alopochen Aegyptiacus) • Pied Crow (Corvus Albus) • Hadeda Ibis (Bostrychia Hagedash) Diseases Caused By Pest Birds • Histoplasmosis • Candidiasis • Cryptococcosis • St. Louis Encephalitis • Salmonellosis • Ectoparasites


Products & Services

Service Bird Deterrent Specialists is dedicated to the cleaning and removal of Bird Infestation and Contamination. We believe that with our product offering, we have all of the effective solutions available. This is the reason we offer a guarantee on our products. Products Invisi-Net Bird Deterrent Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent Repel-a-Bird Stainless Steel Bird Deterrent Spike Bird Comb Eagle Eye Optical Bird Deterrent Nightmare Sound System Sonic Bird Deterrent

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