Financial Hub (Tyger Waterfront) in Bellville, Cape Town


canal edge3 unit 8, tyger waterfront, 7530 , Bellville , Cape Town


Cape Town


South Africa

021 9144002
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Sophia Kleinsmith Posted On 05-Jan-2017

Morning Sir/Madam I reported on 3/1/2017 as well on 5/1/2017 about my car bumped into on 2/2017 but did not include the following details: Vechile Registration No: Jamie 1 Wp Type of car:Nissan Quasquai 2013 Accident reported:2/01/2017 Police station:Belhar Case No:01/01/2017 Contact details:0825565616 0219520972(H) 0219384058 Name:Sophia Kleinsmith ID:6504250130080 Policy No:PCO29498/11

Sophia Kleinsmith Posted On 05-Jan-2017

Morning,I am trying since 3/01/2017 to report that my car was bumped into at 2/01/2017 while parking and that I did not see what happened as I was inside church.I also went to Beaufort West and that wind screen had an chip,my car's boot at back of car where I have to open the boot clips of boot latchsill came loose and is hanging.I have to secure it with cellotape for the time being. Mrs Sophia Kleinsmith Id 6504250130080 Policy No PCO 29498/11 Contact details: 0825565616 0219520972(H) 0219354058(W)_

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