Global Steel & Roofing Builders Hardware in Grassy Park, Cape Town


45th Avenue (Western Cape) , Grassy Park , Cape Town

Grassy Park

Cape Town


South Africa

021 7062566, 021 7038282

Global Steel & Roofing Builders Hardware:Lansdowne Lansdowne Road is located in Grassy Park, South Africa. Com...View more

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Arelo Posted On 15-Dec-2016

Hi there I looking for 200 x102x12x3.0 wendy slades and 12 102x12x2.4 wendy slades. if you cannot assist me let me know via email.

Evelyn Diedericks Posted On 09-Dec-2015

What is eaves and what is the price, how do I buy it

ashraf Posted On 12-Sep-2015

I would like to know how much wil it cost me to get 12 x 8m roof sheets pls

ashley Posted On 05-Sep-2015

Hi their I just want to find out how much is your various prices of ur roof sinks

Neil Posted On 16-Apr-2015

Hi i need a price on purlines

Annelene Franks Posted On 16-Jan-2015

Good Day Can some one please assist me with the following quote? 9 4200x114x30 Rafters 4 12000mx75x50 Purlins 15 1 BR Roof sheets 4200 long 2 kg nails 100 Roofskrews 2 Poles 4 12000m Rafters 114x30 I thank you in advance Regards Annie

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