Kargo National (PTY) LTD in Goodwood, Cape Town


3 Michelle Close Olympic Park, Voortrekker Road, (off Vanguard Drive) , Goodwood , Cape Town


Cape Town


South Africa

021 5911150
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Kargo National is a systems and information driven company. Ongoing investments are made in IT ensuring that t...View more

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About us

Kargo National is a systems and information driven company. Ongoing investments are made in IT ensuring that the company keeps up with the latest technological advances. The net-centric nature of the IT infrastructure allows for all branches to be in constant communication with the main server twenty-four-seven resulting in real time information country wide. This is achieved via Kargo's extensive WAN (Wide Area Network), which spans the entire country via Telkom's Diginet Data Services. Mobile communication is another one of the company's forte's and is extensively used by management. The company also makes use of voice over IP, which allows for telephone calls to be transferred between most branches. The underlying IT architecture is supported by stable and robust Oracle and Pervasive 2000 databases. Although the company has an internal IT department, it has also formed strategic alliances with outside contractors to assist with ongoing systems design and software development. All proof-of-delivery and invoice documentation is scanned into a Document Management system for later retrieval. This is then firmly and seamlessly integrated with the company's Operations and Accounting systems to provide rapid feedback to customer queries.


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Daniel Posted On 07-Feb-2018

We would like transportation of our stone grit of about 5 tonne from johannesburg to cape town, Would you please advise us of the costs and procedures needed in such transaction.

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