Legalwise-Branches-Bellville in Bellville, Cape Town


1st Floor, Louis Square 40 Voortrekker Street , Bellville , Cape Town


Cape Town


South Africa

021 949-1860
Fax No.:  

  021 949-1883



LegalWise dates back to the late 1970’s. It was then that the founder Zak Crafford, a Legal Aid employee at th...View more

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About us

Today, LegalWise aims to grant South Africans equal, fair and affordable access to justice and legal assistance. It gives people the opportunity to have access to a lawyer and enjoy even the most basic rights they have according to the law. Our Members form the core of our business. We provide Members with the power to enforce and defend their rights through professional legal representation. Should you become involved in a dispute, we offer appropriate legal counselling and cover benefits specific to your needs at affordable rates. Our professional Legal Counsellors provide a wide range of legal services delivered face-to-face, across our branches countrywide. Our experienced panel of attorneys also provide professional legal representation to LegalWise Members.


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Postal Address & PO Box No

PO Box No : P O Box 16
Bellville 7535


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LUCKY NKONYANA Posted On 29-Nov-2014

I'm buying an RDP house, I just need an a contract between me and the person selling the house to me. The closest branch to me is BELLVILE CAPE TOWN

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